Youth Leadership Certificate

Youth Leadership Certificate

      This program is designed to be taken concurrently with any four-year baccalaureate degree at Crandall University.  It may be combined with any single or double major option at Crandall University as well as the concurrent Bachelor of Education degree program.

      Program Description

      The Youth Leadership Certificate (YLC) is an innovative program designed to provide Crandall students who have an interest in youth ministry with solid instruction, hands-on involvement, and a stimulating mentoring experience. The YLC program is intended to prepare interns for non-professional ministry to youth in church or community ministries.  After an application and interview process, those accepted into the program are partnered with a ministry and assigned an internship mentor. The three years of the program provide interns with significant opportunities to learn how to lead or assist with strategic and effective youth ministry in today’s ever-changing world!

      Interns are required to complete the following FIVE things in order to receive a Youth Leadership Certificate from Crandall University upon graduation:

      1. At least two of the following Youth Leadership (YL) required courses:
        1. YL3013 – Youth and Family Ministry
        2. YL3213 – Evangelism and Discipleship in Youth Ministry
        3. YL3223 – Ministering to Young Adults
        4. YL3413 – Youth Ministry and Leadership
        5. YL3423 – Youth Ministry and Short Term Mission
      2. At least two eligible electives: (see description in Academic Calendar)
      3. Six YLC Internships:
        1. YL2610 – Sophomore Internship I
        2. YL2620 – Sophomore Internship II
        3. YL3610 – Junior Internship I
        4. YL3620 – Junior Internship II
        5. YL4610 – Senior Internship I
        6. YL4620 – Senior Internship II
      4. Regular attendance, and participation in, weekly YLC Small Group
      5. Attendance, and participation in, annual Youth Workers Conference

      Year One:

      Students interested in the YLC program may want to start attending the YLC small group and possibly take a Youth Leadership course. Their application for YLC program must be submitted by February. Those who are accepted will subsequently be paired with a mentor and hence a church or ministry organization within a reasonable driving distance of the university. Goals for the first year include getting to know the mentor and church and possibly visiting one or two youth events prior to the end of the university academic year.

      Year Two:

      For approximately six to eight hours per week, the student (now referred to as an Intern) will be involved in ministry at their internship site. The Intern is admitted into their Sophomore Internship (YL2610/YL2620).  Duties are to be agreed upon by the Intern and his or her Mentor. These typically involve Bible teaching, activity leadership, organizing events, small group leadership and one-on-one ministry. If applicable, Interns are expected to worship weekly at their internship site. A stipend is paid by the church amounting to $1000.00 per semester ($2000.00 per year). This amount is paid directly to Crandall University and applied to the student’s tuition fees.

      Year Three:

      On the basis of satisfactory academic performance, completion of the Sophomore Internship, the recommendation of the Program Director and their Mentor, students are admitted to the Junior Internship (YL3610/3620). This year of the internship typically involves serving at the same church for seven to nine hours per week. Duties are to be agreed upon by the Intern and his or her Mentor and are generally more demanding and require more responsibility than those of the Sophomore Internship. A stipend is paid by the church amounting to $1000.00 per semester ($2000.00 per year). This amount is paid directly to Crandall University and applied to students’ tuition fees.

      Year Four:

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      Daniel Cooper M.A.

      Director of Youth Leadership Certificate Program, Lecturer in Religious Studies

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      To learn more about the Youth Leadership Certificate program or for information on how to apply, please contact us or call 1-888-968-6228.